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Best price for a whale watching cruise in the region

Hello and welcome to the Saguenay-St Lawrence and especially on our online site to help you find the best buy of whale watching and it has better prices. A cruise tailored to your specific needs. Whether you want to output the whales in a Zodiac 12 passengers or a comfortable 200 passengers, we can meet your needs. What is your departure dock in Baie Sainte-Catherine in the Charlevoix region, whether from Tadoussac, Manicouagan area, Big Bergeronnes Escoumins or near the cross-linking Les Trois Pistoles Escoumins we can meet your needs.

Cruises Custom work in the field of whale watching for a very long time, representatives of different companies and travel wholesaler, we can offer you what you want and a price that beats the competition.

Best price and satisfaction guarantee for most cruise lines working with us

Whale-watching cruises tailored to Tadoussac

Tadoussac and Tadoussac region is world renowned for its whale watching for decades. It was the first exits or Tadoussac whales have started and reputation of the Marine Park and Tadoussac grandie.mais departures to other piers near near Tadoussac have developed and offer the same produit.Que your departure is from Tadoussac, Baie Ste-Catherine-de Grandes Bergeronnes or Escoumins all departures make it relatively the same place, deep in the pit of the estuary or feed the whales. We work with managers of cruise that will offer you a cruise that suits you. Whether it’s a family outings, sports, outings charters, group outings, we can organize it.