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Whales watching trip



Whales watching trip in the region of Tadoussac which also consist of Les Bergeronnes and Escoumins is worldwide acknowledged because the Marine Park Saguenay St-Laurent who  is an unique place with his deep sea abyss and his fiord, his fauna and his flora and on top of everything the meeting point of the biggest mammals of the planet , the Finwhale and the Blue whale .


We offer you two types of whale watching trip:


Whale watching in Zodiac


The observation of whales in zodiac (maximum of 12 passengers) is a sportive an exciting trip at sea, it has the advantage of a trip more personified with the captain who is your guide – at the same time interpreter.

Being able to perform displacement  between the sites of observation faster it sometimes gives a bigger variety of observation because Zodiac can reach often farther sites of observation of whales.

We provide you hot clothes for the trip with Zodiac because the average temperature on water is  11 degrees.

We have Zodiacs which accept the children of any age.

(disadvised for the pregnant women as well as people with back problems  or similar problems)


Whales watching in Catamaran


The  observation of whales in catamarans (maximum of 200 passengers) is a trip smoother and more comfortable at sea, with his outside bridge or his heated cabins of observation he assures you comfort with a unique point of view in height  over the whales.

Interpreters are permanently with you ready to answer at all your questions concerning whales.

This cruise included a small incursion in the fiord of Saguenay.